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At the request of several electrical power utilities, variations on our course on "OVERHEAD POWER LINE ASSET MANAGEMENT - ASSESSMENT, UPGRADING AND LIFE EXTENSION" have been developed. These have been one to four day courses, and were presented in Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Spain and USA, as well as in Canada.

These have proved to be an economical alternative for the sponsoring company or group compared to sending a number of staff to a Canadian venue. In each case, the course material has been tailored to suit the specific needs of the sponsoring utility or group.

These are all presented as PowerPoint based lectures supported by illustrative videos. The courses have been usually over one or two days. Participants receive a CD including all powerpoint slides used.

A sampling of the additional course materials developed in response to utilities' requests is as follows:

  • "Conductor Galloping for Utilities"

  • "The Canadian Ice Storm of 1998, Ice Loading and Galloping of Overhead Lines"

  • "Management of Wood Pole Power Lines"

  • "Assessment of Weather Related Loads on Overhead Power Lines"

  • "Overhead Line Vibration, Assessment of Aging Lines and Fibre Optic Cables"

  • "Vibration and Corrosion of Overhead Power Lines - Tell Tale Signs and their Interpretation"

  • "Failure of Lattice Tower Members due to Wind-Induced Member Oscillation"

  • "Tutorial on Conductor Safe Design Tensions with respect to Aeolian Vibration"

  • "Tutorial on Fatigue of Conductor/Clamp Systems"

    If you have an interest in sponsoring an in-house course please contact Dr. David Havard at dhavard@rogers.com. A full menu of available course content will be provided. A detailed technical program will be developed to address your company or group's particular training needs, and a budget for the presentation will be proposed. It is definitely economical for the sponsoring company or group to hold an in-house course if the number of attendees is ten or more.

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    Updated January 14, 2010